12 benefits of achieving a professional animated video for business2019-12-03T06:22:17+00:00
  1.  Clarity. The benefits of the company’s product and services may not be immediately clear to their prospects. If it were easier for the prospects to understand how the products and services meet their needs, they are more likely to buy.
  2. Awareness. People are not aware of the problems that they have and don’t sense the urgency to solve them right away.
  3. Attention. We live in an age of constant distraction and instant gratification. If the company needs more than 3 minutes to explain their value proposition, they may lose their prospects attention and thus, prospects don’t always catch the important details. If prospects don’t understand the details completely, they are unlikely to trust it and invest in it. In order for their sales pitch to be effective, they not only need something that grabs attention, but maintain the prospect’s interest to explore more about it.
  4. Prominence. Technology companies are always constantly looking out for ways to stand out from their competitors.
  5. Differentiating. Companies who offer a quality service to clients often lose deals to cheaper companies who are willing to cut corners on quality. They need a way to highlight the problems of using cheaper quality materials.
  6. Versatility. Companies need a versatile medium to broadcast their value proposition to the market. An explainer video can be used almost anywhere. There is solid evidence that it increase conversion rates on PPC ads, a website and landing page.
    Attention. Most people are too lazy to read text on your website or landing page. An explainer video has the charm to keep them engaged.
  7. Gaining SEO rankings and organic traffic. It’s tough to keep people on the webpage for a long time and if it doesn’t have material that is engaging enough, the bounce rate can increase. An explainer video helps to solve that and helps to boost SEO rankings on a page.
  8. Creating brand excitement. Companies are trying to avoid giving a boring impression to the public. Thus, they want excite people about their products and services. They need a better way to show their brand personality. Videos are great way to connect with people emotionally and generate excitement.
  9. Making statistics fun. Companies needed a way to show important statistics and data that may come off as dry and boring to their prospects. The light-heartedness and charm of an explainer video helps to solve that.
  10. Potential for video to go viral. Marketers are always trying to find ways to make the results their campaign viral. Videos happen to get shared a lot.
  11. How – to videos. Most companies have to deal with support queries and end up wasting a lot time and resources doing so. A video can help solve that. How-to videos that take the form of explainer videos save companies a lot of time and resources if their customers can use the videos to fall back to whenever they have a technical question about their products.Also, videos can be used to bring newly hired sales employees to be up to speed about the company’s business. This can dramatically cut training time and cost.
  12. Increases conversion rates. If companies are spending a lot of money on Adwords traffic and their visitors are not doing much on the website, it would be a waste of a lot of money. Explainer videos solved that by increasing conversion rates.

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