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Let’s face the facts. It’s getting harder to drive organic traffic to your website with organic search results because of the latest changes to Google’s algorithm. To elaborate, if you are trying rank first on search results for your business, Google will give preference to websites that list the best services rather than any individual service. And if your business doesn’t happen to be mentioned in those list, then tough luck.
Just do a quick search for any general product or service without typing a particular brand name to see what I mean. For example, let us say you are a freight forwarder looking for software to streamline your business operations, so naturally you would type the words “freight forwarding software” onto the search. And what do you find in the search results?

organic traffic

The first thing you see when you search “Freight forwarding software”

The first thing that pop up is a line of Google advertisements for freight forwarding software that dominate the screen before the user scrolls down the page. Then we find the organic search results section and see a bunch of websites that list the most highly rated software platforms. There may be a one or two websites owned by individual companies pitching their own software product. This search result may be great for consumers, but it provides a disadvantage to new businesses looking to get their foot into the market and rank their website on the SERPs.
This has prompted some people to say that the SEO industry has died around 2018.

So, it is still worth the effort to gain organic traffic?

Yes, because the “first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks” while paid Google Ads only generate a measly 15%. What is more important is that organic traffic brings significantly more leads and higher conversion rates.

What is equally as astounding is the fact that organic traffic has ten times the conversion rate than social media traffic.
It may be harder than ever to achieve first rankings, but remember, only the most tenacious get the results they want in this competitive world.

A new era of SEO calls for adaptation.

If you are marketing manager and you are trying to rank your website, you will have to acknowledge that stuffing keywords into your page and pointing hundreds of backlinks to your site is no longer working as well as it use to. Website owners may suddenly see a drop in their website rankings of because of the latest rounds of search engine updates. That is because it is in Google’s interest to keep anyone from gaming organic search engine results and it is getting better and better at it.

One of the new factors in ranking a website page is the quality of its content. The search engine determines whether a website has valuable content or not by tracking how much time an online surfer is spending on the web pages and how quickly they bounce out of the website before clicking on other pages of the site. If they find the content to be garbage, they will spend less time on the site and therefore, this increases the bounce rate of the site as well as it decreases the rankings.

Furthermore, a website’s page ranking also depends on how many times it gets share across social mediate such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. And the logic follows that if people find your page content to be remarkable and worthy to be talked about, they will likely share it with their friends, families and co-workers.

The reason that Google does this is because they place priority in user experience and being the most reliable search reliable search engine. They want searchers to find whatever they are looking for in the instant they make a search query, and thus they won’t get a lot of irrelevant fluff in the search results. That is why it is important that your web pages should contain great content that visitors find valuable and remarkable.

The reasons why people consume and share your content are:
It is remarkable and it is something that people have never seen before.
It is informative and has practical value.
It has a great narrative and thus has entertainment value. People don’t necessarily remember information, but they do remember a great story.

So, how does one take full advantage of all these necessary elements?

You can write the most amazing blog post that is remarkable, informative and entertaining as well. However, that demands great writing skills and having content that people would find truly astonishing. Another concern is the amount of work the reader has to do to read through your blocks of text and the unfortunate thing is that a lot of online users act out of whim. There are always things constantly demanding their attention on the internet and if something on a web page does not give them an immediate reward, they will quickly opt out of it.

So what is a great way to deal with online user’s fickle behavior?

The best method is through visual story-telling, a series of moving images combined with a well written script and audio elements to captivate attention and engage emotions.

This is an important puzzle piece for new businesses that have tried every other option to establish themselves. It is tough for new comers into the market and it is even tougher for businesses that are introducing a new product, but don’t have a market for it yet.

However, with just a one – two minute animation video for your business, people whom you want to do business with will gain clarity about the benefits of your produces and services, and ultimately why they should work with you rather than a competitor.

New start ups can learn a great lesson from Dropbox’s successful animated marketing video. When they put their explainer video onto their landing page, they were able to grow their users by 10%, which equates to $48 million increase in revenue.

So what are the recipes for a successful animated marketing video?

It brings up problems and issues that people care about. The hard reality is that people don’t care about your business. Rather, they more about what your business can do for them.

What is also important is that your video brings up problems and desires that they don’t consciously know that they have. Thus, they will think that you know more about them than they do. They will think that you understand them as a friend or family member would.
If your video can bring up problems and desires that are not so obvious to your audience members, I will guarantee you that they will become your loyal followers.

So if you like to achieve massive organic traffic for your site and see your business grow, schedule a meeting to discuss about your explainer video by clicking on the link below. What happens afterwards is that I’ll ask questions to get to know more about your business and work with you on your unique selling proposition to your prospects.