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About Compelling Animations

Our Mission

If your business has a great product and service, it should not fade into obscurity. Nor should it become commodity. Our mission is to make sure that people know about and love the value you have to offer without getting lost in the technical jargon. We make sure that people understand what distinguishes you from your competitors.

It’s a lose-lose situation when consumers don’t pay for the best and the business offering the best can’t service those consumers. That’s why it is important that Compelling Animations work to connect both parties, so both can establish a beautiful, growing relationship.

Our aim is to get consumers to be intrigued and to explore more about your business. We work to invigorate the consumer’s imagination and get them to envision their experience with your product.

Our History

Albert Hu founded Compelling Animations after listening to the woes of a construction contractor specializing in building residential homes. He had a problem that is very common among businesses within a competitive field. He complained how he lost customers to cheaper contractors who discreetly use poorer quality construction materials.

Customers don’t realize the consequences of selecting a cheaper contractor until it is too late… until the foundation of their houses started sinking.

If only there was an efficient way for customers to learn the slight, but important differences between the higher quality materials that the contractor uses and what the cheaper contractor uses, they would have made a choice that is better for them in the long run.

And thus, Compelling Animations was started to solve this crisis between consumers and businesses built with great integrity.

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