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4 things about online funnels that generate real estate leads for new agents

Real estate can be a very lucrative field, but with its low barrier of entry, anyone can be a realtor and thus, the competition can be brutal. That is why the first initial real estate leads for new agents, who barely have a network to fall back on, can be tough to acquire. But if you have the drive to see yourself succeed as a top realtor, you can start with an online funnel.

What is a good example of an effective online funnel?

For starters, it can be a webpage that draws in a lot of online traffic, particularly people looking […]

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Why Google’s latest update signals a need for video marketing services

Video marketing services not only help to build a solid brand and a huge number of followers, but can also provide immense benefits for SEO to online businesses.To elaborate, Google is always trying to improve the accuracy of its search engine and thus, its search engine algorithm gets major updates on a periodic basis. For this reason, it is not uncommon that this comes to the detriment of many online businesses whose sites’ traffic rely solely on SEO. Many of them end up closing shop as a result. Thus, it […]

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How to advertise your business: Why video marketing is the future

If you’re asking yourself how to advertise your business, then all forms of successful advertising must do the following:

The advertisement must build trust with the audience

If its message is not sound nor is it believable, it can turn away heads faster than you can say “Lemon Squatch.” That is because business relationships are built on trust and integrity. Thus, if your audience cannot trust you in delivering something you are promising, they are not willing to part ways with their money.

How to advertise your business in an engaging way

People’s attention spans are short and therefore, they are less likely […]

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