Russel Brunson’s Blue Print on Internet Marketing

Achieving success in internet marketing requires a winning strategy and a lot of trial and error, and the rewards reaped from it can be untold vast fortunes. However, many businesses just starting out on the internet face fierce competition. As a result, most online campaigns fail and wither away into obscurity.

With the desire to achieve mastery of internet marketing, I decided to pick up Rusell Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets. Brunson who is renowned for making his wealth from being an internet entrepreneur shared his strategies on how to create a successful funnel to build your base of online customers in […]

Your ultimate guide to conversion rate optimization

“Conversion rate optimization really isn’t about optimizing web pages – it’s about optimizing decisions – and the page itself is a means to an end but not an end itself.” – Michael Lykke Aagaard on Unbounce | 3 Landing page optimization mistakes you don’t have to make

Let’s say you have traffic coming to your website, and people are visiting the homepage that you invested a lot of hours and money in. You’ve written a strong company mission and provided amazing details about your company’s history.

You’ve created glowing bios that talk about how […]

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Does your webpage suffer from a high bounce rate?

If you are concerned about your website’s SEO, having a high bounce rate is a huge problem considering the fact that the length of time people stay on your page will affect your page rankings, thanks to Google’s Rank Brain algorithm update.

Of course, to correct this issue is to make sure you have highly engaging content on your webpage rather than the longest webpage ever.

However, it’s often hard to generate great webpage copy that is engaging, let alone the fact that you have to build it around keywords you’ve researched for SEO.

And because the average web surfer […]

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People hate being sold to.

They don’t like being pushed towards doing something that they normally won’t do without a sales person trying to pitch them something. But people like to buy into things, which is important to consider in your sales methodology.

If they see something that meets their needs and desire, they are more likely to throw money at it.

However, they need to be warmed up before they decide to buy.

“A common mistake is trying to sell right away with straight direct-response campaigns to people who aren’t ready to buy from you yet. At the top of the sales funnel, the audiences you’re […]

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How Marketers Approach Digital Content Strategy with Surgical Precision

Length: 10 minute read
Do you know enough about the people in your target market?

Blindly generating content without knowing your target audience leads to wasted money, time and effort because your content may not match their needs and desires.

What would make your digital content strategy more powerful is knowing their level of awareness of their problem and the solution that solves it. Therefore, you can develop content that appropriately matches their buying temperature.

Back in the day when I was cold calling businesses to offer my web development services, I was wondering why many business owners choose to […]

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Why enterprising companies are taking advantage of explainer videos

How do companies grab people’s attention in an era of instant gratification and short attention span? When they need to educate their audience about their products or service, they can derive many significant benefits from creating an explainer video that makes their business value proposition simpler and engaging.

Do you manage a business that provides an enterprising product or solution that everybody should know about?

Then, here is what you should know about what successful companies like Mint, Spotify and Crazy Egg did to increase their conversion rates and ultimately dominate their market.

How many sales opportunities have you lost […]

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How to market your product successfully when no one knows about it

Renowned entrepreneur Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” details a cautionary tale of what happens to company that has a great idea, but a mediocre marketing campaign. When TiVo was introduced in 1999, it was a revolutionary device that allowed people to record their favorite programs on television. Thus, people can re-watch their favorite episode or avoid missing one if it were to air at an inconvenient time for them. However, it struggled with sales and TiVo never reached its intended potential. This begs the question: if this product was such a great idea, why then did it not […]

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4 things about online funnels that generate real estate leads for new agents

Real estate can be a very lucrative field, but with its low barrier of entry, anyone can be a realtor and thus, the competition can be brutal. That is why the first initial real estate leads for new agents, who barely have a network to fall back on, can be tough to acquire. But if you have the drive to see yourself succeed as a top realtor, you can start with an online funnel.

What is a good example of an effective online funnel?

For starters, it can be a webpage that draws in a lot of online traffic, particularly people looking […]

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Why Google’s latest update signals a need for video marketing services

Video marketing services not only help to build a solid brand and a huge number of followers, but can also provide immense benefits for SEO to online businesses.To elaborate, Google is always trying to improve the accuracy of its search engine and thus, its search engine algorithm gets major updates on a periodic basis. For this reason, it is not uncommon that this comes to the detriment of many online businesses whose sites’ traffic rely solely on SEO. Many of them end up closing shop as a result. Thus, it […]

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How to advertise your business: Why video marketing is the future

If you’re asking yourself how to advertise your business, then all forms of successful advertising must do the following:

The advertisement must build trust with the audience

If its message is not sound nor is it believable, it can turn away heads faster than you can say “Lemon Squatch.” That is because business relationships are built on trust and integrity. Thus, if your audience cannot trust you in delivering something you are promising, they are not willing to part ways with their money.

How to advertise your business in an engaging way

People’s attention spans are short and therefore, they are less likely […]

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