Why Google’s latest update signals a need for video marketing services

Video marketing services not only help to build a solid brand and a huge number of followers, but can also provide immense benefits for SEO to online businesses.To elaborate, Google is always trying to improve the accuracy of its search engine and thus, its search engine algorithm gets major updates on a periodic basis. For this reason, it is not uncommon that this comes to the detriment of many online businesses whose sites’ traffic rely solely on SEO. Many of them end up closing shop as a result. Thus, it is important to keep up with upcoming SEO trends in the future.

If you’re an online business that solely relies on traffic generated from organic search results, then the next statement is important to you:

Google’s search engine algorithm called RankBrain will measure your web page ranking against how long a visitor dwells on the page.

Under that condition, certain SEO practices that have been working previously can no longer measure up to latest requirements from Google. For this reason, it is no longer effective to just place key words throughout your webpage. Therefore, SEO writers will have to focus more time and attention on how good the content on the webpage is rather than just on keywords.

Google is always aiming to make sure that online surfers click on quality content that is most relevant to their search results. Consequently, its RankBrain algorithm will measure how long an online user stays on the page to determine whether or not the quality of content is good. If the user stays on page for 3 minutes or more, the logic follows that that the content of the web page is engaging and is relevant to what the person is looking for. However, if too many people are bouncing out of the web page with little time spent on it, it gives a reason for Google’s algorithm to think either that the content is of bad quality or it is irrelevant to what the user was searching for. Thus, it lowers the ranking of that page.

How video content becomes a great tool for SEO

To tackle this challenge, online businesses can benefit from having videos on their pages and from seeking the help of video marketing services.

Video Marketing Services

As a matter of fact, having a long video on your web page increases the likelihood that visitors will stay longer on it. To emphasize, people have a preference for watching a video rather than reading a long block of text. That is because reading takes mental effort and a person’s mind prefers to conserve energy. Thus, this explains the growing trend in internet activity – more and more time on the internet will be spent on viewing videos. Online business owners should be aware that the average time that adults spent on online videos from 2011 – 2015 has increased by 195% according to Hubspot, and will continue to increase in the future.

Video Marketing Services

Furthermore, online business owners should not ignore this fact:

Web pages with video content tends to get shared through email or social media a lot more than pages that don’t. This implies that the more the video gets shared, the more people visit the site the video links to. Consequently, when there are more people staying longer on the web page, it gives RankBrain the right conditions to rank the page higher.

Obviously, to take advantage of this trend, it is important that businesses provide quality video content that engages people. And thus, they can benefit tremendously from the help of video marketing services to build brands, a large following and eventually a large base of customers.

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