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With our team of talented writers and animators in our Los Angeles, CA office, any boring product or service can be made to be charming. If you want to stand out and grab attention, you need something to clearly resonate with your target audience. You need something that will stick to their minds. And a well thought-out commercial video can have a huge impact on the overall conversion and performance metrics for your company. You will see better click through rates, subscribers, sales, leads, prospects, and return on investment. As a commercial video production agency, we have helped many clients in the past grow their brand and their customer base with our well targeted messages.

Here are a variety of commercial explainer videos we offer to deliver:


Do you know the aesthetic that your business is going for?

With our expertise, we will consult with you to determine the best style and tonality that will work with your brand. Most importantly, we work to ensure consistency. Therefore, the style and aesthetics of your commercial video will correspond with your brand. After all, we don’t want anything that is too jarring for your audience. When they see your commercial video, they will directly see the benefits of your unique value offer. And thus, they will understand how your business will be a great fit in their lives.

Giving your business the spotlight it deserves

At Compelling Animations, our talented team in Los Angeles goes the extra mile to ensure that you, your time, and business are all treated with integrity and professionalism. No matter how large or small the project may be, we are committed to total customer satisfaction.

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