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What are 2D Character Animations Videos?

2D character animation videos make use of 2D drawn characters to conjure a compelling message and story.

What makes 2D Character Animation a killer tool for marketing?

Character videos are fun to watch and are a great way to explain complicated concepts to people. They hold attention because people can relate to 2D drawn characters and the expressions they make.

Combined with an engaging script, well developed characters in a great story can be crafted to send viewers through an emotional roller coaster. That is because they audience can emotionally relate to characters easily. When they see their hero triumph, the audience feels as if they can celebrate with them. When they see their hero go through failure, they feel the weight of failure is also their responsibility as well. By taking advantage of this emotional connection, your message and branding can emotionally connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Therefore, this makes it more likely to convert them into likely subscribers or customers of your business. This is why some marketers choose to make a series of 2D character animation explainer videos with an over arching story-line rather than a single video. That way, viewers of the story can follow along the series and are given more opportunities to convert to being loyal subscribers or customers.

It is not surprising that more than half of marketing experts across the world say that video content has the highest ROI compared to other content marketing strategies? Furthermore, 95% of information gets retained when it’s watched in a video.

In addition, 2D animation always has the advantage of creating fluid motions. This leads to the possibility of creating the most exciting and lively portrayals of emotions and expressions.

It also has a lower production cost and delivery time than 3D animation.

2D character animation video

What 2D Character Animation videos are effective for:  

  • Promotional product videos
  • Product demos
  • Employee training videos
  • Customer service videos
  • Video series for branding

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