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Bring your ideas to life with motion design animation

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Motion design animation videos convey information to the viewer through the use of animated text or graphics, often with a purposeful style of generating emotional appeal. They are great for illustrating abstract concepts on screen and making data more presentable. And thus, complicated topics can be broken down into simpler ideas and thus, become more comprehensible to the average viewer.

How you can tackle the challenge of bringing new ideas into the world

It is not easy to introduce a new product or brand into a market. People you are targeting may not comprehend your unique business offer right away or that they may not see immediately why it is a better replacement for a competing business. They are comfortable and settled with what is already available to them.

This is especially true for software companies looking to break into an industry. If you are offering a software platform such as a SaaS, ERP, TMS, or app, you may run into a challenge of the need for the average person to understand the technical complexity of your product or service. What is hindering people in your target market from understanding how they will benefit from your business value offer is a steep learning curve.

What they need is something that can help break down the more complicated topics into easily digestible subjects while not boring them to death. Thus, this makes motion design animations perfect marketing tools for software start ups looking to bring a unique product into a market. It is an engaging way to communicate to your audience the important features and benefits of a technically complicated product, combining visual storytelling and audio, while preserving the emotional appeal to help connect with viewers.

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Show. Not Tell.

Motion design animation videos are a great way to educate the masses because viewing them is a passive activity. To elaborate, the audience does not have to read large amount of text to understand what your business to offer. Thus, your message has the potential to reach people at any cognitive capacity.

What motion design animation is great for:

  • Promotional product videos
  • Product demos
  • Customer service videos
  • Brand development videos

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