People hate being sold to.

They don’t like being pushed towards doing something that they normally won’t do without a sales person trying to pitch them something. But people like to buy into things, which is important to consider in your sales methodology.

If they see something that meets their needs and desire, they are more likely to throw money at it.

However, they need to be warmed up before they decide to buy.

“A common mistake is trying to sell right away with straight direct-response campaigns to people who aren’t ready to buy from you yet. At the top of the sales funnel, the audiences you’re targeting are cold; they’re unfamiliar with your business and don’t recognize or trust you. With this in mind, your goal is to build awareness of your business” – Charlie Lawrence, Social Media Examiner.

To get people’s attention with your sales methodology, you have to generate valuable and engaging content for your audience.

What people find valuable can be a variety of things, but can commonly be found as solutions to existing problems and needs.

This is the reason that do-it-yourself videos tends to generate a high number of viewers on Youtube.

They provide solutions that people can readily implement.

Another form of value is anything that is remarkable and entertaining.

That could be a video that lightens up person’s day or something that is out of the ordinary.

For example, a taxidermist once made a cheesy commercial video where he kept repeating “Nope, it’s Chuck Testa” every time someone asks about a stuffed animal. It went viral and generated a lot of customers for the taxidermist.

That’s because it had all the criteria to be something of value.

It’s remarkable.

It’s entertaining.

It’s something that can be shared with friends and relatives.

By generating valuable and engaging content for your audience in your sales methodology, you can expect to extract a lot of attention for your business, which results to significantly more prospects and sales.

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Written by Albert Hu, Owner at Compelling Animations

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