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Our Process of Delivery

animation process

Script writing

You have one minute to make an impression and that is why your message should be compelling. With our guidance, we will smooth out any technical jargon you have and polish your message into a well written script.


Before working on the actual animation, you will get to see a preview of how the animation will look like in our story board and illustrations. We let our imagination run wild to create masterpieces.

animation process
animation process


After working on illustration and storyboarding, your pitch will be brought to life with our magic.
The experience and passion we bring to our work helps to ensure that your animated video will be engaging and fun.

Voice Acting and Audio

Before editing, you will receive in advance a preview of our voice actor’s recording and music to be used on the video. We have a selection of quality voice actors to choose from so that your video will have a professional voice over.

animation process