Why enterprising companies are taking advantage of explainer videos

How do companies grab people’s attention in an era of instant gratification and short attention span? When they need to educate their audience about their products or service, they can derive many significant benefits from creating an explainer video that makes their business value proposition simpler and engaging.

Do you manage a business that provides an enterprising product or solution that everybody should know about?

Then, here is what you should know about what successful companies like Mint, Spotify and Crazy Egg did to increase their conversion rates and ultimately dominate their market.

How many sales opportunities have you lost because prospects don’t readily see the inherent value in what your business offers?

If you are frustrated with the lack of results, then you will want to find out how the use of animated explainer videos maybe the one thing standing between your business and new customers.

What enterprising companies know about the true benefits of video marketing

There is solid evidence that explainer videos increase conversion rates on landing pages and websites for several reasons. Explainer videos are written and designed to resonate with your audience on a deep emotional level, thus getting them excited and interested about your business. And they work really well because most people are visual learners. This helps to explain how there are 4 times as many people who prefer to watch a video than read text about a subject. Because of the fact that it is natural for people to want to conserve as much mental energy as possible, they see reading as more of a chore than watching a video. And what is better way to retain people’s attention than an animated explainer video. To emphasize, explainer videos make use of light-heartedness, charm and simplicity to grab and maintain the viewer’s full and undivided attention. It is not surprising that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Because of this fact, an explainer video helps to ensure that viewers retain key information that companies want them to remember.
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And because we live in a time where people’s attention spans are limited, it is incredibly important to get your point across to people as quickly as possible. An explainer video can compact massive amount of information about your business into a minute or two that would otherwise take ten minutes to explain. This helps reduce the amount of metal effort needed to process a large amount of information, thus, increasing conversion rates. When Dropbox added an explainer video on their landing page, they increased their conversion rate by a 10%, which is equates to a million users signing up for an account on their website. This led them to gain $48,000,000 in revenue.

There is also evidence suggesting that including an explainer video in your email can also increase the number of times people open it.

Simply by including the world “video” on the subject line can be enough to entice a person to open it. This is important to address for businesses that do email marketing because people’s inbox, particularly those who are in high tier positions in a company are usually flooded with daily emails. According to a Forrester research study, it is found that emails that include an explainer video led to an increase of click-through rate by 200% to 300%. Thus, it order to increase the chances of getting your emailed opened, it needs to stand out by having a link to an explainer video.

Videos help to build brand awareness because they get shared a lot.

That’s because a great video is form of social currency. To elaborate, people share videos they like with their friends and family because they the videos are remarkable and they want to be liked by their peers. Human beings are social animals and a large range of our activities and behaviors has to do with increasing our likeability to other human beings. And sharing a remarkable video is just one great way to do it. Therefore, if more people were to share a video with their friends on social media or through email, what can result is that the friends would share it with their other friends and pretty soon, the number of viewers would exponentially increase. Think about what that does to your brand when it is associated with the viral video. Your brand awareness would increase exponentially with the number of viewers of the video. Furthermore, this also gets people talking about your business and what it has to offer. And one of the best ways to generate sales is through buzz and word of mouth. Therefore, this is incredibly useful for startups that are trying to get recognition, an incredibly challenging task when trying to introduce something new to the market.
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It’s no secret that video marketing is a major trend. The benefits of utilizing an explainer video can’t be ignored. It helps to increase conversion rates on web pages and helps to increase brand awareness. It is an effective way to engage people whose limited attention span tends to stop businesses from achieving wide recognition.

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Written by Albert Hu, Owner at Compelling Animations

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